We were born from the desire to create

unique experiences,

to go beyond, to innovate, and to forge new paths

in the world of corporate events.  We create true memorable experiences beyond flawless organization

and execution.

We firmly believe in a new generation of corporate events, conscious, sustainable and centered on well-being.

Persona dibujando un proyecto de montaje

Our soul

We love our homeland, Andalusia,

above all things and proudly serve as its ambassadors.

With an intimate knowledge of every corner, we

delight in sharing that beauty,

often unseen by the untrained eye, in each of our projects. Supernova is a dream come true,

the freedom to weave magic where

we know best, in the south of Spain. It is this very devotion to the place of our birth that inspires us to

be respectful and responsible stewards of the environment. We are mindful of the profound changes

we are undergoing as a society and

the new needs we must address to ensure the world

we know continues to radiate beauty

to future generations.

Arbol con narandas de Andalucia

What we do

We craft emotionally impactful events. Our goal is to contribute to the growth of each brand, inspiring positive memories, and enriching the corporate culture of every company.

Unique 360 experiences that transcend all expectations, with an entirely original approach. Every aspect of our projects is meticulously examined to generate coherence and synergy in the message.

Gente bailando y disfrutando en un evento


We love listening. To listen is the art of giving space for the words and ideas of others to find their way. It is the bridge that connects the hearts and minds of people.

We believe people should be in the center of the equation to ensure a high-impact event.