Our deepest origin

Evolved on a planet participating in a cosmic dance. It carries us through space around the sun at 30 km/second. The sun, in turn, takes the Earth on its journey around the galactic center at 220 km/second. The Milky Way travels towards its neighbor Andromeda at 90 km/second. The group composed of the Milky Way and Andromeda moves at 60 km/second, drawn by the superclusters Hydra and Centaurus. These travel towards another large aggregation of tens of thousands of galaxies. And so on and so forth to the limits, where our universe is attracted by an even more complex and vast universe that, in turn, revolves around forming a multiverse.In this immeasurable cosmic dance, everything is born, dies, and transforms.

How, then, can we define ourselves?

As the individual develops their consciousness, the connections between their brain neurons multiply. If, accepting the unity of matter, we understand that everything is related, and that the universe is a totality where nothing acts separately, we can conceive that the mysterious energy that binds neurons is also capable of connecting brains. The realization of the individual is impossible without a goal that encompasses the entire human race. If we do not have a sublime purpose in life, it is difficult for us to achieve a necessary mental mutation. Instead of obeying the inertia of the past, which tries to prevent any change, we will surrender to the attempt of the future, which, as much as the constant expansion of the universe, provokes the expansion of our consciousness. In a world where everything advances and expands, to remain still is to regress."

The 10 principles 

Cosmic Consciousness:

Foster an awareness that transcends traditional travel boundaries, recognizing the interconnectedness of the universe, and weaving this understanding into every aspect of our agency's ethos.

Sustainable Spirals

Embrace a sustainable approach that mirrors the cyclical and regenerative nature of cosmic processes, ensuring our travel practices minimize environmental impact and contribute positively to local communities.

Harmony in Diversity

Promote inclusivity and celebrate the rich diversity present in both the cosmic realm and the world of travel. Respect and honor the unique cultures, environments, and individuals encountered on our journeys.

Stellar Impact

Strive for an impact as radiant and positive as a supernova aftermath, leaving destinations, communities, and participants enriched and illuminated by the transformative power of sustainable and mindful travel.

Interstellar Collaboration

Cultivate collaborative partnerships akin to the fusion of celestial bodies, working closely with local communities, businesses, and travelers to create a harmonious and sustainable travel ecosystem.

Conscious Exploration

Design travel experiences with a cosmic level of consciousness, ensuring they are not only enriching and transformative for participants but also contribute positively to the preservation and celebration of local cultures and ecosystems.

Voyage Beyond Horizons

Envision travel as a boundless journey, transcending borders and expanding global understanding. Embrace an expansive vision that reflects the vastness of the cosmos and fosters interconnectedness among all travelers.

Holistic Well-being

Prioritize the mental and physical well-being of participants, recognizing the importance of travel as a holistic experience. Create opportunities for personal growth, rejuvenation, and a deeper connection to humanity.

Continual Evolution

Embody the continual evolution witnessed in cosmic phenomena, adapting our agency's practices to new sustainable methodologies and pushing the boundaries of traditional DMC approaches.

Legacy of Light

Strive to leave a lasting legacy of responsible tourism, echoing the enduring impact of celestial events. Aim to be a guiding light in the travel industry, inspiring others to follow a path of sustainable and conscious exploration.